About Us

About us

Hawksbay Clothing Company was created with the vision of a Men's fashion clothing wholesale company centered upon service and product excellence. And since opening our doors in Online, Hawksbay Clothing Company  has successfully provided clients with Men's fashion clothing products of the highest quality. Through building Hawksbay Clothing Company up from humble beginnings, we were able to create a company that offers only the best service for large companies and independent businesses alike. 

Hawksbay Clothing Company currently stocks only styles inspired from the most exclusive and modern trends. All product pieces are carefully selected to maintain a current collection--as we aim to cater to the tastes of our clientele. We take immense pride in what we do, which is reflected in both the products we provide to our clients and the service-oriented direction we are taking the company in. 

Hawksbay Clothing Company is not simply a wholesale store; it is a family-owned company in which owners and employees dedicate themselves, side-by-side, to provide the best Men's fashion clothing and service our valued customers deserve. Here at Hawksbay Clothing Company, we believe in providing our clients with person-to-person assistance for all forms of inquires--whether it may take place over the phone or face-to-face. Our responsibilities to our internal and external customers call for impeccable service to make sure customer specific needs are always met. By treating customers like guests in our own home and ensuring that all correspondence is carried out in a effective and thorough manner, we seek to establish long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of what we strive to provide and our primary objective(goal) is to accommodate all of our clients with patience, honesty and integrity.